Enigmatic but electrifying, Alameda’s Totimoshi turned heads with 2006’s Ladron (Crucial Blast/Volcom). Having released 2008’s Milagrosa (Volcom), the trio teeter on the brink of something bigger, ready to take their idiosyncrasies to the top along with a catalogue full of grungy, jagged stoner rock. Co-conspirators in The Melvins and Helmet are important influences and tourmates, with Melvins producer Toshi Kasai (now of Big Business) presiding over the new record along with Helmet frontman Page Hamilton.

The tunes are an affecting mix of power and subtly, counterposing guitarist Antonio Aguilar’s skittering licks and declamatory vocals against the thrumming bass and booming drums of Meg Castellanos and Chris Fuggit. Employing both crackling fuzz and enveloping warmth, the band is equally adept at stomping riffs and sly interludes, always delivering an entertaining show, particularly during Aguilar’s energetic solos. Annie’s small confines will provide an intimate look at a promising band (with only one show scheduled this summer), so sidle up to the rock while you still can.


Totimoshi – Sound the Horn

w/ Dusted Angel, Black Skies (NC), Hashishians
9pm, $8
Annie’s Social Club