[audio:] Cursive – “Mama, I’m Swollen”

The boys of Cursive have made a comfortable name for themselves as a sophisticated and intelligent group of musicians and lyricists, a reputation that reaches its pinnacle on the group’s newest album, Mama, I’m Swollen, released in March by Saddle Creek. The band will be playing at the Great American Music Hall on Saturday the 27th.

Tim Kasher possesses a talent for storytelling, through which he offers an intimate attempt to make sense of life’s bigger picture. The search for life’s meaning undoubtedly influences all music and art, but Cursive seems to offer an even closer look at life’s emotional subtleties. In other words, the new album is thought-provoking, forcing the listener to not only listen to the album over and over, but to take a second look at him or herself as well.

I Couldn’t Love You from Cursive on Vimeo.

Instrumentally, the album starts off with the up-tempo and straight-to-the-point track “In the Now,” but after that, the band proceeds to explore and experiment with different tempos and rhythms, creating an organized landslide of emotion for the listener. Quite different from the record’s beginning, ‘What Have I Done?’ ends the album on a somber note, implying exactly what the title says. All around, the album is a fantastic piece of work, exhibiting the band’s evolution within their signature musical style.

Supporting Cursive on Saturday will be Seattle’s Mt. Saint Helens Vietnam Band and Nebraska’s Box Edlers, who are both joining the headliner for a majority of the tour. Click here to buy tickets to Saturday’s show. They will touring for nearly the next two months, so check out the rest of their tour dates here.