The Dodos – “Fables” (from

Last week, The Dodos announced details surrounding their upcoming third album, including its ominous title, Time To Die. Word is that the band’s picking up where they left off with the stripped-down frenzy of last year’s Visiter, although there are some new faces in the mix, including awesome producer Phil Ek (Built to Spill, Fleet Foxes, The Shins) and new bandmate Keaton Snyder, described as “a 21-year-old music school dropout who plays a mean vibraphone.”

The Time to Die tracklisting is as follows, and includes “Fables”, which the band performed recently for (seen above).

Time To Die:

1. Small Deaths
2. Longform
3. Fables
4. The Strums
5. This Is A Business
6. Two Medicines
7. Troll Nacht
8. Acorn Factory
9. Time To Die