Helluva night tour

Those who find themselves in the South Bay this Friday (8pm, $13) should make their way over to the Avalon in Santa Clara for what is sure to be quite the night of lyrical manipulation at the kickoff of the Hellava Night tour.

Esham, who’s been in the game since the late 80s, hails from Detroit. He’s remained somewhat of an underground phenomenon despite guest appearances on many many albums throughout his career. While he’s produced 13 (!) albums over the course of his career, Esham’s probably best known from his early days running the Detroit rap scene with Kid Rock and and his guest spots on various ICP albums. His music is typified by an overall bleakness, most of which sticks to the dark side of human nature.

Kung-Fu Vampire, a group who’s sound fuses goth, funk, jazz, and hip-hop, hails from San Jose and is no stranger to the Bay Area rap scene. His stage show is extremely dynamic with cello, bass, drums, guitar and keyboards all coming together to form one cohesive unit. He takes his ques from his from his Kung-Fu Vampire stage persona and I’m sure you can imagine what that entails.

Can’t Find A Villain seem to have a bit of an identity crisis. While the music is most definitely hip-hop, the band seems to come from more of a punk rock background. The music ranges from political to deeply personal and almost always centers on the discontent the band feels with the way the world is crumbling around them. Can’t Find a Villain all wear masks on stage, the reason being to keep the message from being associated with a face or a person and to keep themselves safe after the the show as they’ve been known to cause quite a ruckus with their live set.