I am not going to say much more about Manicato’s performance this past Saturday (6/13) than can be seen here. The audience was certainly grooving, and this despite a less-than-stellar turnout; the band did well to combat what can sometimes be a stifling air of self-consciousness in the Du atmosphere, especially when the crowd’s a little thinner than it ought to be. No surprise, considering one cannot help but dance to their music; however awfully, you will shake it to the horns, improvised vocals by a father-son duo

[soneros Israel y Cris Matos], the stuff of real romance and/but groovy as all get out, and very well studied across the board, percussion to melody to counterpint and back. Please enjoy the following photos, and head to Dolores park this Saturday to see these fine fellows perform. They go on around 3. Don’t miss ’em.

Spaceheater opened the show, cool, liquid prog jazz and eventful improvisations from two tenors and barry sax. I missed Big Bkln. Red, an Apollo hero, whom I was told played a very tight set, as I was at the Makeout Room listening to Luis Alberto Urrea read. He, like Israel Matos of Manicato, speaks in favor of a new order “sin fronteras,” that is, without borders, and with no more ado and mucho mas que hacer here are the pics de Manicato from Saturday night.

the famed cowbell flip, see I. Matos interview on thebaybridged.com

panorama, please ignore balding white guy bottom right



David, bass

Before David, above, and I began the unfortunate talk of “crossover rock appeal” we were treated to a bit of music from my new favorite artist in the whole entire world, Fernandito Ferrer, who hails from Puerto Rico and whose roots guitar playing and sweet vocal androgeny won me over in a matter of three songs and a little help from a looping pedal. More to come on this guy: