Shellac - By Cassio Abreu
There are several interesting things about Shellac which might sway folks out to one of their double whammy nights at the Great American, tomorrow and Thursday (8pm, $16), with Arcwelder.

1. You think Hard Rock is cool: Todd Trainer will drum you to dance, while Steve Albini pierces your eardrums only long enough for Bob Weston’s bass to give you heart palpitations.

2. Rare Roadshow: The band tours when it wants. There hasn’t been a new record in two years, but that’s not necessary to get the noise-rock trio to leave the Midwest.

3. Recording Engineer Heroes: Albini and Weston have been adjusting mics and levels for years: In Utero, PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me and, the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa.

4. Accessible to Fans: Albini was once asked by a crowd member “why do you suck so much?” and he quickly assured him that it was because “your mom was busy.”

More information about the show is available from the venue; both nights Arcwelder will be supporting.