This weekend brings local music to the big stage, well…near the big stage. Live 105’s annual BFD is this Saturday at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View, with the “Soundcheck Local Band Stage” just for local acts to blow up the Bay:

MC Lars may be a bit gimmicky, but he will definitely entertain you. Check out his video for “Guitar Hero Hero,” it’s an instant gut-buster. His songs are silly, catchy, and full of pop culture references.

Remix masters, Wallpaper, comes complete with Vocoder originals like, “Txt Me Yr Love,” and twists on dance favs like Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead.” Check out this three-piece if you’re looking for a dance set outside of the Subsonic tent.

[audio:] Wallpaper – “Everytime We Do It”

Music for Animals is a working band. It seems like MFA has their hands in every local music fest, most recently Noisepop 2009. The band brings a solid pop set to every show, and most of the crowd will be moving to this group.

[audio:] Music For Animals – “Red Cells”

Dizzy Balloon is a indie-pop group from Oakland. Check these guys out for feel good piano melodies and simple pop sensibilities in the tradition of Queen and The Beatles.

Odawas is centered around two players, Michael Tapscott, and Isaac Edwards. Together they make dream-like ballads, with song titles like “Harmless Lover’s Discourse,” “Shivers in the Timbers,” and “The Case of the Great Irish Elk,” all of which are off their album The Blue Depth. Check out Odawas on the Bay Bridged weekly podcast.

[audio:] Odawas – “Harmless Lover’s Discourse”

The Catholic Comb describes their sound as “a morbid bicycle ride,” which is pretty accurate, but only if that bicycle is a fixed gear. The Catholic Comb is equal parts goth and indie. Sure, with lyrics like “I’ll drain the blood from your veins,” on songs like “Vampire Life,” one might pigeonhole The CC as pure goth, but a quick listen will prove that these guys, although blood sucking, have feelings just like everybody else.

Their name doesn’t lie, Ambience really is ambient. Vocalist, Eric Carlos, maintains a far away style on “Obstacles,” and provides a catchy vocal melody on, “Two Mouths One Head .”

Solid State Logic and Fighting the Villain should tour together, constantly. Finding a good hard rock band in the Bay can be overwhelming, considering the popularity of folk/indie rock these days, but here you’ll see two groups dedicated to distortion and double-bass pedals.