Friday May 22: Bart Davenport, Kelley Stoltz, Hot Lunch, Big Eagle @ Cafe du Nord

Bart Davenport

When friends play shows together, the unusual happens — take this show as an example. Kelley Stoltz‘s frontman Sean Coleman contributed to Bart Davenport’s Palaces, freshly out on Antenna Farm Records (Oakland), which can only mean some live accompaniment is in place for Friday’s show (9:30pm, $12).

[audio:] Bart Davenport – Jon Jon

The bill has its variety, though. While Bart and Kelley Stoltz both dive into the serene side of indie rock, Hot Lunch unabashedly delivers rock wielded from elements such as 70s skate punk, Alice Cooper and Hendrix. It’ll be a night for everyone at du Nord.

Saturday May 23: The Sideshow Tragedy, Burbank International, Ash Reiter, Tremor Low @ The Stork Club, Oakland

Ash Reiter

Get ready for a barn-burner in the East Bay this Saturday as the Stork Club hosts some undeniable talent.

The Sideshow Tragedy (Austin) will be stopping in at the stork club this weekend as part of their national tour. Country-tinged roots rock is the order of the day here and if you like rock n’ roll your in for a treat.

Burbank International, who despite the name are most definitely locals, will perform as well. The quintuplets are sure to please with they’re unique blend of “atmospheric pop”? The music is hard to classify but highly recommended; we included them on a monthly mix back in January.

Ash Reiter (SF/Oakland) is also on the bill, and is warming up for a pretty extensive tour of the west. What’s not to love about the playful female lead vocals with some folk backing? If you don’t catch these guys now, they’re on the road until October.