ATA - "Flowers"
Friday could be your movie, music AND date night over at Artists’ Television Access, aka ATA (992 Valencia, 9pm, $6). It’s the premiere of a few things made by some music-loving filmmakers, plus local poetry from Erik Noonan and a live performance from Rad Cloud.

Jameson Swanagon (of Grand Lake), produced, directed and wrote the score of “Big Feet,” which premieres on this evening. Bob Thayer and Joe Golling collaborated on the collection entitled “Flowers,” a combination of short films and music videos on super 8 which is “a celebration of cinematography and the blending of the pastoral and supernatural worlds.”

Joe Golling is an SFSU grad and director/motion graphics designer who has worked with Man/Miracle and Grand Lake.  Bob Thayer is not only a producer/editor and has worked with many musicians, including Little Wings’ video for “Look at What the Light Did Now,” but is half of Rad Cloud, a local female-male duo scheduled to perform.

Read all the evening’s itinerary here.