Weekends sometimes don’t pan out to what they should be, which is why your Tuesday is looking so much better than the past few days combined: Cryptacize and Battlehooch are playing with Baltimore’s fun-core Ponytail at Bottom of the Hill (9pm, $10). As if no two better bands could exist in the Bay Area to open than Battlehooch and Cryptacize, which meet both the art rock and spontaneity criteria of a Ponytail-deserved performance.

We’ll have a featured podcast for you with Cryptacize tomorrow — but in the meantime, check out the headlining band Ponytail. Their “8.4” Pitchfork-rated Ice Cream Spiritual came out last year on We*Are*Free records (also released Yeasayer’s All Hour Cymbals).

[audio:http://www.nowwearefree.com/music/yummypigtails.mp3] Ponytail – Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)

They’re part of the Baltimore suit some know via the Wham City Collective (Dan Deacon), and others know as the meeting place of Animal Collective. Regardless, there’s a boastful crew that call the state of Maryland home, and an interesting little biopic done by Papermag about it.