Still Flyin'

What ever happened to fun? Why does it seem like everyone is so caught up trying to say something lately that they forget to have a good time?  Don’t you ever want to just let your hair down and dance like no one’s watching?

Still Flyin’ is all about the good times. More than that, Still Flyin’ is a band that makes you jealous that you’re not in it. I dare you not to smile while you watch 15 people up on stage all dancing and rocking out while being led through songs about being dead, being drunk, hanging out, and hammjammin’ (yes, the M’s are necessary) — all in the same song!  You’ll get no ballads here, folks.. just straight up party jams, and in these times of economic stress and swine flu and general Armageddon, isn’t that just what the doctor ordered?

[audio:] Still Flyin’ – “Good Thing It’s a Ghost Town Around Here”

Guitars, basses, drums, saxes, trumpets, vibraphones, organs…. the list goes on. The amount of sound coming off the stage alone is sure get the crowd at Cafe Du Nord movin’ this Saturday, where Still Flyin’ will be celebrating the release of their debut album Never Gonna Touch the Ground (Ernest Jenning/Antenna Farm), and prepping for a West Coast tour opening for Love is All. After that, it’s straight to Europe to jamm the pants off some other countries’ asses.

I recently caught up with band leader Sean Rawls to exchange a few words about Still Flyin’:

The Bay Bridged: How did the band get so huge?

Sean Rawls: The original vision was more to form a hang-out squadron rather than a band. I want people just hanging out on stage, jamming brews. I asked everyone I knew to join, even people that had never played music before. To my surprise everyone said “yes.”

TBB: Musical influences on you and the band?

SR: For Still Flyin’ we are heavily into the hot chords of 80’s and 70’s. Some yacht rock, some dance jams, you know what I mean. Funkytown, Electric Avenue, anything by Lionel Richie, Huey Lewis’ Sports, What A Fool Believes, Miami Vice soundtrack, Tarzan Boy, Peg, Matthew McConaughey jamming the Bongos.

[audio:] Still Flyin’ – “The Hott Chord Is Struck”

TBB: Favorite moment in the band? Any interesting or hilarious tour stories?

SR: Too many to count. There’s this dude who plays sax named Frank En Sax and he generates a lot of good tour stories. One time on an East Coaster he went fishing with some of the dudes and he caught a catfish that bit the hell out of him – his hand was bleeding pretty good – and so he kissed the fish on the lips and threw it back. Hmm that’s not really an epic story. I feel like there’s gotta be some epic ones, but you’re putting me on the spot. This question comes up a lot in interviews so I’m gonna have to think of the best one and write it down and keep it in my wallet or something.

TBB: What constitutes a proper “hammjamm”?

SR: A hammjamm can be anything that’s wild and makes the most of life. You could get the craziest game of checkers going and that could even be a hammjamm, albeit a low level one. You’d have to dress up as checkers and physically jump over each other. Typically a hammjamm involves jokes, stories, brews, and lots of soul hugs and high-fives.

TBB: Talk about your tour a little. Places you’re exited to play? Favorite place to play so far?

SR: We love touring Australia and Sweden – those dudes know how to jam it to the bone there for sure. They get wild; we get wild. It’s a perfect match-up. The first time in Melbourne we found a boogie board on the street on our way to the show and I crowd surfed on top of the boogie board. When we went back recently two dudes showed up with homemade Still Flyin’ boogie boards that they gave to us. Those dudes know how to get us excited.

TBB: What’s the plan for after the tour?

SR: Well we’ve got a short West Coaster with our pals Love Is All in June. After that we’ve got Europe in July. After that, East Coaster, Europe, West Coaster, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Space, Atlantis.

TBB: What makes your band so special?

SR: We are very talented at fitting a bunch of people on a small stage – more people than seemingly possible – and STILL jamming it to the bone.

TBB: Anything else you would like to add?

SR: We prefer to jam it on larger stages so we can jam it to the bone even harder.

Catch Still Flyin’ at Cafe Du Nord this Saturday, May 9th with Nodzzz supporting. 10pm, $10, 21+.