Last week we ran our first of two Loquat features and giveaways (next one published next Friday!) for their month long residency at Cafe du Nord which began last night. For that giveaway we asked our loyal readers to answer the following question:

What is the best fruit to be made into a pie? Support your answer with up to 500 words. (Please don’t waste your time with 500 words. After all, these are drawn at random. Particularly ridiculous answers, however, may end up on our Twitter.)

Now even though we draw the winners at random, we enjoy asking questions because sometimes the answers are funny – even hilarious – and make our day jobs go by faster. And this contest did not disappoint. There were so many good responses that I’ve decided to create an entire post full of some of the best answers we received.

So what do our readers think is the best fruit made into a pie?

It’s not an easy question to answer. Are you asking, “which fruit pie do I like best?” or are you asking “which fruit is the best to make pie with?” The first question assumes I am eater and the second assumes that I am baker. I have not tried all fruits so, I kinda’ feel parochial and small-towny when I think that I only know a handful of fruit pies – like apple and blueberry. And I have no idea how to bake…if I answered apple, and apple pie baking as it turns out requires huge amounts of resources and that many people needlessly risk their lives during the process, well, that would make me look foolish, now wouldn’t it? So I am going to say rhubarb. Just because. – Steve R.

Sweet Potato, because you can slip shitloads of bourbon in there and feed it to your mother. Oh wait. That’s a vegetable. DAMN! Then I’ll say Loquat, because they’re sooooooo fruity. – Hollination

I’m not a fan of any baked fruit, but my husband declares peaches are the best fruit fit for a pie. Why? They taste like summer. – Stephen H.

Surely the best fruit to be made into pies is the cherry. I feel like that answer hardly needs any verbal support, it’s just obvious. – Katie

Frankenberry is the best fruit for pie, since it already goes so well with milk. – Cody

Blackberries are the best fruit to be made in to a pie. I feel this is due to the fact that they have the right amount of pectin to gum up perfectly with just a little bit of flour. Corn starch is for sissies. – Reese

Trick Question. Pecans aren’t fruit. – James K.

So, the best fruit to ever be in a pie… is a Mango. I’m not sure if anyone has ever done it. But it sounds damn delicious right now. – Dustin M.

What about you? Let us know in the comments.