Railcars -  Photo by: Jess Rhodes

[audio:http://www.demoforever.net/cwnedemo.mp3] Railcars – life of st edmund (ponds) + “CASTLES”

Railcars recently tipped us off to this catchy-noisy track, containing the first two songs from the band’s upcoming cathedral with no eyes EP, which is coming out digitally and on 12″ vinyl in August. The EP’s not the only thing the band has in the works right now. They’re also prepping a 7″ split with LA’s Former Ghosts, a new collaboration between Freddy Ruppert (This Song is a Mess But So Am I), Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), and Nika Roza (Zola Jesus), and planning to reissue their limited edition Live in Paris cassettes.

You can download mp3s of the full Live in Paris performance here and see a video from the set below:

Railcars are performing on Sunday, May 17th at the Red Devil Lounge, along with Anderson Congress, White Cloud, and Ralf Youtz of Built to Spill. Advance tickets are currently available at Ticketweb.