[audio:] Foma – “Seraphim Succubi” (from Inverness)

The Make-Out Room hosts San Francisco transplants Foma on Saturday, May 2nd, as the band celebrates the release of their new album, Inverness. Originally hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, lead singer/songwriter Edward Burch grew up playing around the legendary music scene before forming Foma in 2003. Having performed on the same stages as Flake Music (pre-Shins) and worked with violinist Heather Trost (Beirut, A Hawk and a Hacksaw), Edward forged his sound in the bedrooms and basements of friends and family, employing a strict DIY aesthetic and uncompromised vision that he still maintains to this day.

Musically, Foma tends toward the expansive, with open spaces accentuated by cellos and violas, and dynamic range key to their haunting sound. The vocals both male and female trend toward the somber, like the soundtrack of a dream that you can’t quite recall upon waking.

Inverness, the band’s new release, is a mature album. Fans of the Radar Bros. and Red House Painters will immediately find things to like amongst the loud and soft motifs, in which climax and quiet play off each other like waves on the beach. Distant cellos and drumbeats abound on the album’s early stand out “Papillon” while on its closer, “Ess-Ther’s Victory”, Ed puts down the guitar and picks up the ukulele.

Foma has been garnering more and more attention these days: Inverness recently broke onto the CMJ Top 200 chart, and the band’s songs are getting radio play from coast to coast. After their Make-Out Room show, the band will embark on a tour of most of the West Coast. After heading north to Portland and Seattle, they’ll be hitting some out of the way places like Salt Lake City, Utah and Garden City, Idaho before finally returning to Albuquerque to finish up the tour with friends and family at home.

Tonight’s show at the Make-Out Room begins at 7:30pm. $7, 21+.