Next week Loquat begins a month long residency at Cafe du Nord playing every Thursday in May. Different supporting acts, set lists, DJs, and guest performers promise to make each night of the four part concert series a uniquely excellent time.

[audio:https://www.thebaybridged.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/03-sit-sideways-1.mp3] Loquat – “Sit Sideways”

To commemorate the beginning of the series, we had lead singer Kylee Swenson give us a preview of what’s in store for the first two dates. You can read that interview below.

We are also pleased to be giving away two tickets to each of the shows on Thursday, May 7th (with Head Like a Kite & Greycoats) AND Thursday, May 14th (with Juliette Commagere & Jen and Abby). To enter the giveaway, send an E-mail to contest@thebaybridged.com by noon on Wednesday, May 6th and answer the following question:

What is the best fruit to be made into a pie? Support your answer with up to 500 words. (Please don’t waste your time with 500 words. After all, these are drawn at random. Particularly ridiculous answers, however, may end up on our Twitter.)

On top of the tickets, both winners will receive either a Loquat CD or T-shirt! Please denote if you have a show preference when entering. The winners will be chosen at random and notified via email.

Continue reading to find out more about the shows and bands from Kylee:

TBB: Could you introduce our readers to the bands you’ll be playing with at each of the upcoming shows?

KS: For the first two shows of our residency at Café Du Nord, we’ve picked some of our favorite out-of-town bands to join us. For May 7, it’s Head Like a Kite from Seattle and Greycoats from Minneapolis. I’m a fan of Head Like a Kite and wasn’t expecting to get a response from them, but to my surprise, the band was down to play with us and make a tour out of it. The Guardian says their music is like a mix of Pinback with Brian Eno, which makes sense.

The opening band is Greycoats. We toured with them from Minneapolis (my hometown) to New York last October. It was the first time we really had the chance to bond with another band on the road, and we fell in love with their music big time: poppy, catchy and gorgeous. I guarantee you will see me dancing and singing during their song, “Goodbye Sweet Youth Goodbye.” That song makes me stupid-happy. Seriously, don’t miss these bands. If you don’t like them, I grant you permission to throw a drink in my face (but I might throw one back).

We also have the pleasure of having the illustrious DJ Elise from SomaFM DJing between bands. And we’re working with a fantastic VJ who goes by Kernel Panic, who will give people a little more to look at while we play.

As for the second show on May 14, the very first person we asked to play our residency was Juliette Commagère from L.A., who I’ve been a fan of for years. We’ve played with her band Hello Stranger (which has toured with Foo Fighters, no less). Juliette’s voice is entrancing, and I love her mix of electronic and organic sounds (kind of a big theme in our own music). Opening the show is another talented L.A. band, Jen & Abby. Anthony, our bass player, met them in Salt Lake City during the Sundance Film Festival. It’s nice to meet new friends in other places. We’re calling the May 14 show “LA LA Ladies Night,” but representing the dudes (aside from my band members) will be DJ Ted from BAGel Radio and VJ Kernel Panic.

TBB: Can you give us a hint as to something special you’ll be doing at each performance?

KS: This is our first ever residency, and Du Nord only does one a year, I’m told, so that’s why we’re pulling out all the stops with DJs and VJs and whatnot. We’re also preparing something like 23 different songs over the course of four shows, so no two sets will be alike. Certain older songs that we haven’t played in a while, such as “Take It Back,” are getting a remix treatment from us for the stage. And some newer songs, such as “Spiral Stairs or Escalators,” will be played live for the first time. We also have four covers we’re playing (a different one each night), and the songs range from old-school ’80s to as recent as last year. In addition, we’ll have a couple special guests: Mark Eitzel will sing a couple of songs with us one night, and Raul Sanchez will play the saxophone on a cover song.

Due in part to the fact that every show will be so different, a few people told us that they bought tickets to all four shows, which is awesome. As a small thanks to those people getting tickets for the whole residency, we’re giving away free Loquat t-shirts. If you call Du Nord’s ticket line at 415-861-7374 to buy all four shows, they’ll relay the info to us so you can collect the shirt at our merch table at the first show. Hope to see you there!