The Splinters
In every town live few riot grrrls, and in Oakland reside The Splinters — peppery and adorable, which has probably been said more than enough. I’ve encountered a few of the girls, as friends of a friend at a party, of course — and I can say just after a brief encounter that I’d want to hear/see their band. What’s the difference but a change in environment and a couple instruments in their hands? These girls definitely have figured out how to have fun, independent the setting.

[audio:] The Splinters – “Splintered Bridges”

Playing carefree, 3-chord carols is a hard way to disappoint, especially when a tambourine and Rickenbacker are involved. The Splinters have a southbound show approaching May 23 at The Smell with Dreamdate and Protect Me (LA), then a return to the city on June 12 at The Hemlock.

Tomorrow night at Bottom of the Hill, they’ll be playing with more neighborhood garage punks: Brilliant Colors (opening), and Buzzer (Oakland). The show starts at 9pm with an $8 cover.