Thursday, April 23: Geographer, Michael Zapruder, Harbors; Cafe du Nord; 9pm, $10


As if we can’t hype it enough, Geographer performs this evening on a classy local bill with Michael Zapruder and Harbours, put on by Stranger Dance. Remember when the charming band was named one of the “undiscovered bands you need to hear now” by Spin last year? Well, all that’s changed about that statement is that Geographer’s been discovered more and more by the day. Mark your calendars now for an epic start to summer: they’ll be teaming up with the supergroup Clues (ex-Unicorns and Arcade Fire) on June 4 at the Rickshaw Stop.

More about tonight’s show here.

–Nicole L. Browner

Friday, April 24: Papercuts, Cryptacize, The Finches; Cafe du Nord; 9:30pm, $10

Papercuts – Future Primitive

Triple record releases must only happen once in a blue moon, especially ones this spectacular! A release per band, and all local: one band back from vacation (The Finches), one band with a new music video (Papercuts, see above) and band releasing again on Asthmatic Kitty (Cryptacize). More about this show here.

–Nicole L. Browner

Friday, April 24: Hair Envelope, The Dashing Suns, Belly of the Whale, White Cloud; Ghost Town Gallery; 8pm, $5

White Cloud

Enjoy a taste of Oakland that might not have found your palate as of yet: The Dashing Suns, Belly of the Whale, White Cloud (SF/Berkeley), and Hair Envelope (Seattle). We at The Bay Bridged haven’t heard much of these bands, but they scream retro fun at the top of their lungs, top down, Beach Boys on the radio deck.

The things to love about reinventing music right now are all apparent in White Cloud, a young band bridging the gap between classic rock and roll and contemporary lofi-psych-experimental (enough subgenres?) A moment spent on listening to “Charles Lindburgh” on their MySpace page is a must, especially for fans of Grizzly Bear or Dr. Dog.

–Nicole L. Browner

Saturday, April 25: The Definite Articles, Stripmall Architecture, Foxtail Somersault; The Rickshaw Stop; 8:30pm, $12

The Definite Articles

The Definite Articles have been playing the Sacramento and San Francisco regions back and forth for as long as they’ve been a band, and keep on plucking the strings and exploding drumbeats. This SF Deli sponsored show at the Rickshaw will be their last before going back to the studio to finish up their upcoming concept record.

They’ll be joined by Stripmall Architecture and Foxtail Somersault, both resembling the slumbering pop of the Rocking Horse Winner.

–Nicole L. Browner

April 25: Flipper, Love Songs, King City; El Rio; 9pm, $10


It’s been thirty years since Flipper formed during the infancy of the hardcore/punk heyday, and it’s fair to say that many are happy to see them still playing. These guys have always kept a particular agenda — a driving, droning tone that seemed to fight against what was being done by their contemporaries.

With two new albums coming out on May 19th (a studio as well as a live album), Flipper is performing with three original members at El Rio with Love Songs (Alameda) and King City.  Consider dusting off one of San Francisco’s beloved original punk jewels before they head off to Australia and return to play SF in late June.

Video: Flipper – Sacrifice (1983)

They’ll also be doing an in-store tomorrow at 6pm at Amoeba Berkeley for the vinyl reissues of four classic records: Generic Flipper, Gone Fishin’, Public Flipper Limited, and Sex Bomb Baby.

–Brian Davidson

Sunday April 26: Fastball, Goh Nakamura; Cafe Du Nord; 8pm, $15

Goh Nakamura

San Francisco’s favorite son, Goh Nakamura will be appearing this Sunday at Cafe Du Nord.  His natural, stripped down instrumental style lets the lyrics stand on their own and never get bogged down with unnecessary pomp.

Nakamura’s musical career may be taking off as of late — with music featured in several Hollywood movies (Ridley Scott’s American Gangster) — but the songs never let you forget how deeply rooted he is here in SF

Ballads like “Embarcadero Blues” that chronicle his search for his dream girl while struggling to get through the monotony of everyday city life really take you to a place that’s both widely understood and extremely personal.

Video: Goh Nakamura “Embarcadero Blues”

Musically, Nakamura seems to carry the torch of a long lineage of singer-songwriters. Elements of early James Taylor shine through only to be overtaken by shades of Elliot Smith a moment later. He has also made his entire album Ulysees available for free.

Goh Nakamura is opening for Fastball. Remember that late 90s pop classic “The Way”?

–John Shea