Dame Satan -  Photo by: Katherine Levin
Presented exactly as it was received:

“In 1984, A pressed an ear to the front of a fat stereo speaker as Dad dropped a fresh wax copy of Born in the U.S.A. on the turntable. In 2003, A and Chopko drank beers in a vast San Francisco parking lot next to what was then Pacific Bell Park until they, with the E Street’s opening strains tumbling faintly through the air, could no longer stand missing out. A scalper rolled by with nose-bleed bargains and the dudes obliged the Boss. In October 2008, Dame Satan stuffed into a mom’s sedan for an East Coast tour. The car came with a tape deck and two cassettes, American Beauty by The Grateful Dead and Born in the U.S.A. They almost wore the latter out, as the radio anthems, exploding with the bandleader’s bottom-less charisma and the crystalline 80s production, burned into their brains.”

Dame Satan – “I’m On Fire” (Bruce Springsteen cover)

“Partially in homage, in February 2009, A (Andrew Simmons), Breezy (Brendan Sheehan), and Chopko (Michael Chopko) hunkered down in a friend’s San Leandro, CA living room to rip a cover of that album’s last song: “I’m on Fire”. Homeowner Ryan Henry engineered the sessions. A sang, played electric guitar, and shook a shaker. Chopko played electric bass, electric guitar, sang, and rattled percussion. Breezy played slide guitar, drums, cymbal swells, Space Echo vibes, and acoustic guitar. Breezy mixed. Louis Stephens polished the mix and mastered at Brown Desk Studio in Los Angeles, CA.”

After the jump, Dame Satan’s East Coast tour dates:

Dame Satan East Coast Tour Dates:
April, 18 2009
Norfolk, Virginia
The Boot :: 123 21st St.
with Rebecca Pronsky and Sarah Carter. 18 and up.

April, 19
Harrisonburg, Virginia
James Madison University :: Taylor Down Under

April, 20
Arlington, VA
Galaxy Hut :: 2711 Wilson blvd
w/ Gentlemen Auction house

April, 21
Philadelphia, PA
Danger Danger Gallery :: 5013 Baltimore Ave.
w/ Make A Rising, Daniel Francis Doyle, and more

April, 23
Cake Shop :: 152 Ludlow St.
w/ Matamoros, Illuminations, and Polite Sleeper
we play 3rd. at 10.

April, 24
Brooklyn, NY
Bruar Falls
w/ Greg Ashley, Medicine Man, and Box Elders

April, 25
Providence, RI
O’Donnell’s Porch :: 38 John St.
w/ Death Vessel (Sub Pop)

April, 26
Northampton, Massachusetts
The Elevens :: 140 Pleasant St.