A few of us here recently came to the consensus that “Future Primitive” by Papercuts is, no exaggeration, currently the best new song of 2009. After that slice of slinky, bubbling pop, Jason Quever’s band returns with the title track to You Can Have What You Want, a lush song begging to be be played as a screen fades to black and the credits start to roll. It’s not deconstruction-minded like “Future Primitive,” but like its predecessor, “YCHWYW” is over all too quickly, meaning here’s another Papercuts track to play on repeat to the benefit/chagrin of the people around you.

[audio:] Papercuts – “You Can Have What You Want”

The anticipated new album comes out on 4/20, with a CD release show 4/24 at Cafe Du Nord. It’s a release show for supporting acts The Finches and Cryptacize as well. And here’s “Future Primitive” if you don’t already have it:

[audio:] Papercuts – “Future Primitive”