Still Flyin'

[audio:] Still Flyin’ – The Hott Chord Is Struck

San Francisco’s Still Flyin’ have been performing for about five years, but are only now releasing their first full length album Never Gonna Touch The Ground (out 4/21 on Ernest Jenning Record Co.). Led by Sean Rawls, the dozen-plus rotating member band’s rep is for a strong rock steady/reggae-based sound, but “The Hott Chord Is Struck” is unabashed pop and, in my opinion, an early contender for jam of the summer. Seriously, I want to hear this spreading good times from open windows, on car stereos, and boomboxes on park benches.

“Good Thing It’s a Ghost Town Around Here” is uber-catchy as well, with an appropriately monster-filled video:

The band’s currently on tour and will celebrate their CD release at Cafe Du Nord on May 9th with Nodzz.