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This week’s podcast features rock-pop quintet Dizzy Balloon, a group who established a name for themselves at a quick pace when their three song demo began receiving substantial radio airplay a few years ago. Back then, the band was known as Panda and its members were still high school students in Piedmont, but their penchant for catchy, engaging melodies was already undeniable. Now out of high school and taking time off from college to give the band a serious run, the guys have continued to gain momentum with a self-titled debut album under their new name late last year. In December, they won a competitive battle of the bands that enabled them to open Live 105’s Not So Silent Night show.

So it’s onward and upward for Dizzy Balloon, but the band doesn’t appear to have lost sight of what matters most: delivering frenetic live shows that win new fans, shows that capitalize on the chemistry of a group of long-time friends doing what they truly enjoy. The band cites The Beatles and Queen as early influences that all of the members shared in common, and that Queen element shines through in the theatrical component to the band’s bigger, dancey alt-rockers. They’re equally skilled at more nuanced pop fare too, and for all the talk of fun, have proven themselves as formidable and highly promising songwriters.

We sat down with Petros, Louie, Raffi in our studio to talk about the band’s origins, the importance of playing live, and the band’s recent forays into touring.

Upcoming Shows:

Dizzy Balloon is currently on tour down to South by Southwest. Check their MySpace page for all of the details. Their next SF show is:

Friday, April 24th
with The Cataracs
9pm, $13, All Ages


– Visit the band’s MySpace page and web site to hear more.

– Purchase Dizzy Balloon on iTunes or from Amazon.

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