March Indie Mart

So I didn’t realize exactly what I was walking into when I went to the Indie Mart on a whim several months back. I am someone who doesn’t know quite what to do with “nice things,” but aspires to gain this knowledge, so the fact that The Independent was jam-packed with local designers and craftspeople proved a bit overwhelming. Still, there was a ton of cool stuff for sale at very reasonable prices, with good music and cheap Little Star and bloody marys adding up to a really enjoyable shopping experience.

The Indie Mart returns to The Independent this Sunday, from 11am-5pm, and if you do know what to do with cool clothes, jewelry and stuff (which is to say buy them and wear them), this is a great place to shop locally. Door proceeds at this weekend’s Mart go to San Francisco Women Against Rape, who offer medical care, support, counseling and assistance to women who are victims of rape and violence, so be sure to give well beyond the requested $2 donation.