Sketch by: Nigel Sussman
Today we are pleased to announce the latest contributor to our Artist in Residence series here at The Bay Bridged. For the next two months we will be showcasing the work of Nigel Sussman, an animator, designer, and illustrator who also plays in the local indie rock band As A People.

Originally from rural Maryland, Nigel studied drawing and painting at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA for two years. He then moved to Oakland for two years at California College of the Arts to complete his BFA with an illustration focus.

In his own words: “I do enjoy creating art for art’s sake, but I really feel challenged when the art is created to solve a specific problem, or serve a specific purpose, hence the choice of illustration over a more conceptually abstract artistic purpose.”

We are pleased to be showcasing his work on the site. You can check out his portfolio at here and his sketchblog over here.