les savy fav

It will be sad to see Noise Pop end, but they will indeed go out with a bang.

Two shows punctuate Sunday’s Noise Pop festival. At 1pm, No Age (LA) will headline a show at Bottom of the Hill with White Circle Crime Club (Belgium), Infinite Body (LA) and Veil Veil Vanish. No Age plays a raucous and infecting type of power-punk that’s quite naturally produced in LA. If you want education about the more esoteric aspects of punk, check out this show, as they may soon be the master’s. $12.

[audio:http://missionfreak.com/audio/noage_teencreeps.mp3] No Age – “Teen Creeps”

The last hurrah will take place at the Mezzanine with New York’s Les Savy Fav, The Mae Shi (LA) and The Drums. Since 1995, Les Savy Fav have charmed audiences with their post rock tunes and on-stage shenanigans. They make out-there rock songs that are somehow totally listenable and danceable. Don’t miss this unique performance. 8pm. $20.

[audio:http://www.minneapolisfuckingrocks.com/mp3/lessavyfav_whatwouldwolvesdo.mp3] Les Savy Fav = “What Would Wolves Do?”

Artist’s Television Access will also host two more films at 2pm and 4:15pm, for $9 each. “Loki” is a biography of Brazil’s Arnaldo Baptista, lead singer of Os Mutantes. And “Nightflight: Born Again” is a 90-minute mix of rock concert footage and art film of 80s counter-culture. Read more details at Noise Pop’s film page.

Until next year.