Most of The Bay Bridged staff is headed out tonight to celebrate the start of Noise Pop 2009! Although admission was free, RSVPs went quick. But fear not, we’ll be here live blogging the event for those who couldn’t make it – or just want to relive it!

8:45pm – On our way to the Mezzanine now in a snazzy little Karmann Ghia! Can’t wait to see what the line is like.

8:53 – Waiting outside, the line is surprisingly short! Just hanging out to gather the Bay Bridged crew and then headed inside.

9:08 – Well, now we know why there was no line…everyone’s inside! It’s a madhouse in here.

9:23 – Fully equipped with libations – another half hour before the music starts. Large screens with projections of random colorful images are all around the place. Aaron Axelson of Live 105 is DJing.

9:33 – Lilofee just took the stage, a bit early.

9:38 – Playing their hit “Lock and Key.” Lead singer Kimi Recor is the focal point with lots of energy. The music reminds us of a harder New Order – with 80s synths as a base, but with more industrial sounds.

9:48 – Ben and Christian were just photographed with the Red Stripe girls. Classic moment.

9:52 – Recor’s stage energy just continues to grow, it’s pretty amazing.

10:09 – Lilofee is finished and the DJ is back on. People are scrambling, vying for their spots for Deerhunter. The crowd is officially packed straight back to the sound board.

10:10 – Deerhunter fun fact – TBB staffer just revealed that the lead singer of Deerhunter and Diplo (who are friends) share common ancestry! Little tidbit…

10:38 – Chatting with Zach of Rogue Wave and John Vanderslice. Great to see two amazing local musicians out supporting Noise Pop!

10:55 – Deerhunter just came on, through a sea of fog and blinding white lights. Now THAT’S an entrance.

11:02 – Started the set with a couple new songs. Nothing from the famed Microcastle yet, but the crowd is responding well to the songs.

11:10 – …so much so the few people in front if me are dancing like crazy. A great start to what should be another great year for Noise Pop.

11:15 – Picked up the pace and got the audience going a bit with “Nothing Ever Happened.” Sounds really great live, ending with a bit of a jam.

11:34 – Bradford Cox dedicates the next song to Harvey Milk, then clarifies “the man, not the band.”

11:41 – “Agoraphobia” is another one of the band’s great jams. The dreamy parts remind me of Atlas Sound, Cox’s excellent side project.

11:49 – The band closes out their set to strong applause from an approving crowd, but I’ve got a feeling they’ll be back for more.

11:53 – Clips of KISS’s Paul Stanley hyping up a crowd with his insane stage banter play over the speakers while the band is off stage. If you enjoy awkward hilarity, look for a compilation of Stanley stage banter that’s floating around online. It’s unbelievable.

12:10 – Okay, these guys put on one hell of a show tonight, with a loud energetic set that felt at times like I was watching the biggest band in the world. At the same time, they’re able to mix in tender moments with the anthems and spacey psych stuff. Very impressive and a great performance.

Stay tuned for a full review and photos from the event tomorrow!