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This week, we are proud to feature Sholi, an art-rock trio who have been one of our favorite bands since we first heard them around the inception of The Bay Bridged. We first got hooked to the band’s promising demos and their tight live show became equally well-loved, but, for all of their talent, the trio had a limited recorded output while they spent time prepping their debut album. And did they spend time. It became something of a running joke to confront members of the band with the demand to “put the

[expletive deleted] record out already,” and from what we can gather, we weren’t the only ones demanding more. After much work–recording, arranging, and mixing, and then doing more of all three–Sholi the album came out last week on Quarterstick/Touch and Go Records, and it is worth the long wait.

Having first interviewed the band early on, we were pleased to visit with them again to discuss the new release. What impressed us most on this second go-around is the sense that all of their time and effort has really paid off, helping the trio to forge a really strong idea about their music–what it means, how it should sound, how it feels. How many groups can create a fully-fleshed out aesthetic this enjoyable on their first album? With melodic indie, math, and prog rock elements sharing delicately-balanced space in the group’s transcendent mini-epics, Sholi is an album bearing our highest recommendation. We’ll be excited to watch them throughout 2009 as more listeners discover this excellent band.

We sat down with Payam, Eric and Jon last week to speak about the new album’s long journey to completion. We’ve got four great songs from Sholi included in the episode.

Upcoming Shows:

Sholi’s CD release party is this Saturday and is part of Noise Pop 2009:

Saturday, February 28th
Bottom of the Hill
with The Dead Trees, Everest, Jake Mann
9pm, $12, All Ages


– Visit the band’s MySpace pageMySpace page and web site to hear more.

– Purchase Sholi on iTunes, on CD from Amazon, or vinyl from Insound.

– Visit Touch and Go Records for a free mp3 of “Tourniquet” and download the band’s Dreams Before People tour EP from their web site.

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