Tempo No Tempo
Tempo No Tempo have emerged from their winter hibernation with an exciting new song called “Medicines” and big plans for the start of 2009. If you’ve heard the Oakland group’s first two EPs, you might do a bit of a double-take on this one from the now-trio (following the departure of keyboardist/singer Chris Cadena). In the past, they rode the line between hooky dance-rock and artier sounds, but the group writes that they’ve “grown out of their old indie rock shell, and shifted to something weirder, funkier, and much harder to pinpoint.” True enough. The bass line is thick and driving, the guitar and vocals scratch the groove like it’s an itch, and the whole thing leaves you wanting more.

[audio:https://www.thebaybridged.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/medicines.mp3] Tempo No Tempo – “Medicines”

It’s something of a tease to drop just one song for a renovation/reinvention this significant, but the band’s headlining their first show of 2009 tonight at the Hemlock Tavern with more soon to come before they head down to SXSW. Tonight, they’ll be joined by Hawnay Troof and Ghosts on Tape. 9pm, $7.