sister crayon

Sister Crayon is the product of Terra Lopez’s creativity and genius and the end result of a young creative mind making songs in her bedroom. She elaborated in an email interview:

Sister Crayon started out originally as just me. I did my solo thing for two years and met Dani (from the band The Wishing Well) last year. She started playing drum machine for me. Genaro (keyboardist) just recently joined us. I like that Sister Crayon has developed into something bigger. I still am the only one who plays in the small recordings I make in my bedroom, but live the two of them play.

Upon first listen you can sense that Sister Crayon pours her heart and soul into her music. With every note being sung her music will ring through your ears and we all get a glimpse of what it must be like when she creates music in her room.

“Creating music is probably the only thing in my life that I feel comfortable with, fully confident in,” she explained. “Whether it be just recording simple songs in my bedroom or fronting a full band in front of a crowd, I feel pretty comfortable.”

Sister Crayon can best be described as CocoRosie mixed with some Bjork and Portishead with more ambient vocals and more drum machine, plus elements of The Postal Service. She continues to play shows relentlessly and continues to captivate her entire audience with her lovely, distinct voice.

She and her band mates have created something that is very much their own sound, and will only continue to improve as time passes. For a band this early in their creative stage to be this talented is extremely promising.

As for plans for the future Sister Crayon mentions she has released her debut album, Loneliness is My Mother’s Gun, through Jeune Été Records this month, and she contemplates the idea of adding the new dynamic of a drummer to the band. Plans for a full national tour next summer with friend and musician Mrs. Foot are in the works.

When asked how her creative outpour starts, she explains:

I really never have a plan when creating music. Lyrics happen all the time. Sitting in a restaurant, writing on napkins, in my room, anywhere. I usually write and record everything in various rooms I live in. It’s always been like that. I’ll go through a time period where all I do is write…I mean, a song or two everyday. And then of course, the opposite, where I go for weeks with nothing. But I’m always thinking. Always trying to convey what I am feeling and put it into a melody or a rhythm structure.

Her comfort with exposing a part of herself is felt, and translates well on stage. Her confidence is felt and heard. Her soothing angelic voice soars and once again I am reminded how one can be moved deep inside, how an artist can touch you and make chills run down your spine. Sister Crayon does that.

Sister Crayon will be playing a CD release show on February 7 at Luigi’s Fungarden in Sacramento. They will be joined by fellow Sacramento artists Autumn Sky, Ricky Berger and Be Brave Bold Robot. 8pm, $?.