bagel birthday

It’s birthday season, and this Saturday our friends at BAGeL Radio will be celebrating a big one – six years! The show will feature three great local acts: Birdmonster, Railcars and Ricky Lee Robinson, plus DJ Cory of Absolutely Kosher Records.

[audio:] Railcars – “Bohemia is Without a Sea”

For those who don’t know about BAGeL Radio, it’s a 24/7 radio station that plays the best new and old indie music. As 7×7 magazine described: “Listening to indie genius DJ Ted spin live at shows around town or online at his CMJ award–winning site BAGeL Radio sounds just like listening to your iPod on shuffle—if your iPod had magically been filled up with stuff you always wish you owned or didn’t know about yet but will later want to own.”

Indie folksters Birdmonster has been a favorite of BAGel Ted. They’ve brought their sentimental, richly orchestrated tunes throughout the Bay Area and recently to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Check out their new video for “Concrete Lights” below.

Railcars, the latest project from Aria C Jalali, has turned many heads in the bay area scene for his eclectic and experimental electronic music. His songs go from moody and mellow to dancey and noisy. Railcars will soon head to Europe for an all-month tour.

One-man band Ricky Lee Robinson made BAGel Radio’s top ten albums of 2008 with his old-timey, energy-infused rock. You won’t believe this New York transplant actually creates all of these sounds until you see him do it live.

BAGel Radio has brought us six great years of music, and we’re looking forward to the celebration. The show is at Bottom of the Hill. You can buy tickets here. 9:30, $10.

Birdmonster – “Concrete Lights”