Jen Grady and Justin Hosford have made music together for over a decade now, but the Olympia duo’s band The Waxfire broke up when Grady moved to San Francisco (where she’s now a member of Adam Stephens‘ and Emily Jane White‘s bands) and Hosford headed to LA to work on music for films. Despite the distance, though, the twosome continued collaborating in a new project called Chelan, whose debut album Summer Machines was released yesterday on LA’s Origami Records.

[audio:] Chelan – “No Better Than We”

Music that features a mix of electronic sounds and warm vocals runs the risk that it’ll end up sounding a bit like karaoke, but that’s thankfully not the case here. Instead, the pieces add up to a striking whole, with folkier elements deftly balanced by an inventive compositional streak. The band currently doesn’t have any live performance plans, but the album is now available from all of your finer digital retailers.