finest dearest/empty rooms

Two fantastic local bands, Finest Dearest and Empty Rooms will release a new split EP this Saturday, Jan. 31st. The EP is entitled Wedding EP and includes two new songs from each band, recorded in one night at Different Fur Studios. The bands will celebrate the release with an early show Saturday at the Make-Out Room.

Finest Dearest – “Tunnel Vision”

[download only] [audio:] Empty Rooms – “Off With His Head”

Not only does the record represent a friendship between the two bands, but also (appropriately enough) celebrates the marriage of two of their respective members, Chris Clark of Empty Rooms and Carly Schneider of Finest dearest. Only 100 copies of the record will be released, so head over to the Make-Out on Saturday and get your copy while you can. The show is from 7:30-9:30 and costs $7.