inauguration show

As if the events of yesterday weren’t enough excitement for you, we’ve got a local show you can go to tonight (Wednesday, Jan. 21) to celebrate even more. Go Kart Mozart will be playing at the Rickshaw Stop, along with San Francisco’s high school sweethearts The Audiophiles and Billy the Kid.

Depending on their mood, Go Kart Mozart can sound like your favorite indie record from high school or a fresh and sentimental alt-country band. And we think it’s awesome that they have a rad female drummer who also recorded and produced their album.

If you thought “high school sweethearts” was just a random catch-phrase, you’re mistaken. Both of these bands are made up of four high school students, but you wouldn’t know it on first listen. The Audiophiles’ infectious indie riffs are way beyond their years but not stiff in any way. And Billy the Kid definitely brings you back to the carefree indie punk days of yore. They’ve both got a lot of time to get big, people, so see them live now. Just don’t offer to buy them a beer. 9pm, $10.