The Details: Recorded

[mostly] at The Hanger in Sacramento with engineer Robert Cheek tweaking the “knobs” and yanking on ‘levers” – oh and manning the sound board – in July and August of 2008.

The Facts: Dog’s Hymns is an amazing representation of how dynamic and proficient Low Red Land is at laying down a sound that is at once vital and fluid, both essential and inescapably entrancing. The album is able to capture the raw energies of their live set while still projecting a product that is polished and full, thick with instrumentation and vocal treatments.

[audio:] Low Red Land – “Better Angels”

Neil “The Look” Thompson, Ben “The Brawn” Thorne and Mark “The Mustache” DeVito have managed to accomplish something that many cannot – a true cross-section of sound, a projection of non-definable beauty. Low Red Land is the perfect mix of 60s country, 70s rock, 80s hardcore, 90s indie, and the psych-folk of today, all the while managing to create something completely current and wholly essential. These guys are an integral part of the San Francisco scene and we look forward to growing old together, shredding solos in our Craftmatic Adjustable Beds.

This contribution was written by guest bloggers Lynne Angel and Brian Gorman of the rockingest band on Alabama St between 23rd and 26th – TARTUFI.