When this year started I had no knowledge of Two Sheds. After I heard “It’s Hard” and then the rest of their album, Strange Ammunition, I was hooked. They do bluesy, folky rock music with some of appreciation of the slowness and spareness (and the tension created by those things) of slowcore, all while being drenched in the deceptively simple melodies and the gorgeous, breathy female vocals of Caitlin Gutenberger.

[audio:http://ipickmynose.com/mp3s/2008_releases/01%20You.mp3] Two Sheds – “You”

There’s always some trepidation with the follow-up album or EP to an outstanding debut album. Can they keep it up? Two Sheds was a rare case where, in fact, they got better. On this five song EP, with three new songs, one alternate version version of an old song and one Strange Ammunition track, the band easily makes the case that they’re getting better and more consistent. Two Sheds deserves the recognition that’s starting to come their way.

This contribution was written by guest blogger Adrian Bischoff of ipickmynose. You can find his personal top albums of 2008 here.