Our latest Artist-in-Residence at TheBayBridged.com is Benjamin Carlson. A 2007 graduate of California College of the Arts, Carlson is skilled in visual art, design, photography and writing, and his approach to art reflects an interest in interdisciplinary collaboration.

As Carlson states on his web site:

I believe seeing these projects as a collection shows evidence of mediums and practices influencing each other in service of communicating ideas in a fresh manner. While I have learned much from respecting the integrity of different fields of practice as a starting point, I also see great potential in exploring overlaps. Design has informed my art. I experiment with using typography to create a graphic language through photography and I am continually working to connect my visual work with a social activism objective

We’d like to thank Benjamin Carlson for his terrific contribution to our site and you should check out more of his work at CarlsonCollective.com. You can find all of our past Artists-in-Residence at our Art page.