Life on the road is an amazing experience. It is not, to many people’s disappointment, full of drugs and random sex and tons of cash. Don’t get me wrong, if those things presented themselves I wouldn’t turn them down, but to be realistic it would take a lot of drugs and even more cash to convince somebody to have sex with a short balding Italian with a giant mustache like myself.

No, life on the road for us is about trying to spread our music to as many people as possible in the most honest way we know; through live perormance in every town we can find that has a venue. It is about spending time with your best friends and helping each other through the good and the bad. It is about meeting new friends in new cities and putting Anbesol on their toothbrushes so they come out of the bathroom drooling like crazy, wondering why the people they just met who are staying on their floor are in tears laughing.

[audio:] Low Red Land – “Better Angels”

We are lucky to be able to tour as often as we do, we are lucky to have met so many amazing and supportive people as we have on the road, and we are lucky we haven’t hit any snags as a band that could slow down our progress. And, we are very lucky to share a passion for blowing people’s minds in random places in random towns and cities.

We are in the middle of a six week tour of the United States. We are playing cities we love that we have played before as well as cities we have never seen, or in some cases even heard of. Some days have been easy, with a forty-five minute drive between shows. Other days have been grueling, like our recent trip to Vermont. We played a show in Danbury, CT on a Tuesday night, finished at 1am, packed the van and drove to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont for a performance at 8am for the morning assembly of a high school. Sound check was scheduled for 7am, and the drive from Danbury was an estimated five hours through winding mountain roads. Thank God for Dunkin Donuts coffee and loud music.

As we left Danbury we all wondered why we were getting into this situation, but at the end of our first song at the assembly, when 900 kids erupted with heartfelt cheers, we knew it was a great thing to do. Throughout the day we wandered around the campus and the town talking to kids and finding out that they considered us to be a big deal. So awesome, but so wrong. A fine example of hard work paying off with tremendous reward.

Perhaps the finest reward we’ve seen thus far, however, came in Winston-Salem, NC. We had played 27 shows in 25 days, hitting two coasts and a bunch of mounains and plains. We had a day off bewteen Boone, NC and Chapel Hill, NC and were trying to figure out a plan. Should we go to Chapel Hill early to stir up a buzz and do some Wii sports? Should we stay in the mountains with some new friends? Or, should we do some real awesome band activity? We chose the third, and made our way to Winston-Salem. We treated ourselves to a cheap motel, got some much needed showering in, and then headed to the mall. Sears was our destination.

We went straight to the Portrait Studio and began to blow minds. Neil went to the Men’s department and raided the racks while Ben and I picked out some props and backdrops for what would become the most phenomenal photo session of our lives. Every single employee of the studio got involved, each with their own take on what would make the best shot. After taking about 25 different pictures, with different scenerios and outfits, we decided we were done and we would keep them all. The staff all got autographed CD’s, and we got press photos for the next year. I have included a few of the gems with this post to display the artistic genius we possess. I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to our next day off and the adventures it will bring.