Deerhoof caps off their national tour in support of Offend Maggie with a homecoming performance this Saturday at the Mezzanine. After that, the band’s got just a bit of well-earned downtime before heading to Europe in December.

[audio:] Deerhoof – “Chandelier Searchlight”

The band also recently released the sixth (!) video from their latest album. Here’s “Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back,” directed by Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart.

Previously, videos were made “Fresh Born”, “The Tears and Music of Love”, “Chandelier Searchlight”, “Family of Others”, and title track “Offend Maggie”.

Formerly Bay Area based, but now residing in Portland, Experimental Dental School accompanied Deerhoof on the latest tour. The band’s supporting their recent album Jane Doe Loves Me. Local noise-rockers KIT open the show. They’ve got a new 7″ on Upset the Rhythm that features contributions from Minuteman Mike Watt.

[audio:] Experimental Dental School – “Back Porch Floating”

[audio:] KIT – “Forest”

9pm, $15