A cult figure in the strictest sense, comedian Will Franken arrived in San Francisco years ago with three hundred dollars and only a car to sleep in. Coming from New York with degrees in Acting, English and a personal research of psychedelic drugs, Franken is a penchant champion of absurdity and great laughs.

For one night this Saturday, he will be performing two shows at The Purple Onion comedy club in San Francisco. He has earned great reviews by the New York Times for his solo show “Good Luck With It.” and is heralded by many to be one of the most original comedic acts in San Francisco. Though now residing in New York, his start was here in the city and the club he will be playing at on Friday is his self-described favorite. The shows on Friday will be full of new material.

This comedian and performer climbed a long way from the days when he stepped up the lone microphone of every comedy and poetry night in the city. Not catching his show this Friday before he goes back to New York would be truly missing out on a great insight into originality and hilarity.

Shows at 8 and 10 pm. $20. Tickets available online at Brown Paper Tickets.