In the spirit that music and film are not mutually exclusive, two members of Blammos are beginning the ambitious project of creating one video a day for the month of November. Arthur Adams and Joelle Jaffe have already managed to produce a whopping 37 videos for their YouTube Channel, and this new project will add 30 more.

[audio:] Blammos – “Living with David Foster Wallace

Here’s the scoop, from their press release:

Starting on November 1st, 2008, they will, for the second time, create, shoot, edit and post a new music or music-related video every day for the whole month. Inspired in part by their one-time participation in CinemaSports and their need to keep their creativity flowing, the videos will range from simple live performances, to carefully conceived and edited music videos, to bizarre sound and visual collages, to who knows what else. The videos will feature contributions from fellow bandmates, friends, other filmmakers, and complete strangers.

You’ll be able to follow the action at their website They are also encouraging fans to make their own Blammos videos. If you have any ideas, send them to

Here’s their latest video “Girl of my Dreams,” for a taste: