As local indie rocker Michael Zapruder and his band tour around the country promoting their upcoming record Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope, he’ll be blogging from the road via The Bay Bridged. Enjoy!

[audio:] Michael Zapruder – “Ads for Feelings”

Tuesday 10.28.08 – Day 14.

We just stuffed our faces at Nick’s Diner, where they make an 8-egg omelette and a BLT with a pound of bacon on it. I had a turkey reuben, just to make the healthy choice, keep it Californian and all that. America eats some serious food.

Since you all can’t be along with us for this little trip, here’s a series of culinary communiques to let you know what the nation is eating. One theme concerns the interplay between that which is delicious and that which is debilitating. The more of both, the better.

Another theme seems to be elsewhere-ness, where faraway cuisines must be close at hand.

Here, for your delectation:

Beef BBQ Sandwich in Missouri:

Bacon Cheeseburger with an Onion Ring for good measure:

Turkey reuben in Ohio:

1 pound cheeseburger with bacon and fries, also in Ohio:

Chicago breakfast: chorizo and jalapeno egg skillet-thing w/ croissant. huh?

Cappucinos in Brooklyn. La Dee Da…

Eritrean food in Washington DC:

New York City eats: Polish beef goulash with absurdly giant potato pancake on top plus another, equally epic pancake beneath the goulash too. YES!!!

New York City fancy restaurant home made donuts. Tasty, but arguably also somehow obnoxious:

We’re in Ohio, heading west to Peoria. They say if it plays in Peoria, it’ll play anywhere. We shall subject ourselves to the ultimate American showbiz test and report back.

forks on the left, knives on the right,

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