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This week’s podcast features San Francisco experimental pop sextet maus haus, a band that ranks as one of the most promising young groups in Bay Area indie music. We were intrigued when we first heard that Aaron Weiss (ex-Social Studies) and Jason Kick (The Lovely Public, Social Studies) were working on a new project, and the band’s self-distributed demos–from which we included songs here and here–set early expectations quite high with a unique sound that eschewed guitars for a pastiche-driven mix of synthesizers, classical instruments and drum machines.

With Krautrock and off-kilter baroque pop serving as two of innumerable touchstones on Lark Marvels, the group’s debut which comes out today, the band has developed a freedom to try anything while maintaining the focus needed to harness such an unlimited sound palette. It’s remarkable too that a group with this many members who have been involved in a number of acclaimed projects could succeed cohesively in the studio or on the stage. Having discussed this issue with the band, it seems that through some mixture of dedication and luck, the guys have developed a collective intuitive understanding of sound and performance. With that collective consciousness intact, the band’s future looks full of potential.

We spoke with five-sixths of maus haus a few weeks ago in our studio, discussing how the band has managed to channel its members’ diverse musical ideas and interests. We’re excited to include four songs from Lark Marvels alongside excerpts of the interview.

Upcoming Shows:

Wednesday, October 29th
Rickshaw Stop (Record release show!)
Casy & Brian and Religious Girls
8pm, $8

Saturday, November 15th
UC Merced (Merced, CA)
with Scissors for Lefty and Rademacher
1pm, all ages


– Visit maus haus’s MySpace page.

– Purchase Lark Marvels on vinyl+mp3 here and on iTunes.

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