As local indie rocker Michael Zapruder and his band tour around the country promoting their upcoming record Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope, he’ll be blogging from the road via The Bay Bridged. We hope this will be the first of many tour blogs from local musicians. Enjoy!

Tuesday 10.14.08 – Day one.

We’re moving down California’s spine, down the 5 to Bakersfield. We’ll be away for weeks.

Bakersfield is big music town, but will they dig our peculiar brand of negative capability? One of the coolest things about this is landing somewhere and seeing how your music plays to strangers. It’s very liberating.

I’m going to write notes on this tour and send them to you guys. I think I’ll mostly be talking about food, politics and music. Happy to answer any questions, too.

For now, it’s RV’s in the grainy air and trucks full of garlic.

We’ll be in touch.


Saturday 10.18.08 – Day four.

We’re heading North from Kansas up to Chicago. Last night in Lawrence was the best show so far. Nice folks, cool town.

One of the best things about being on tour is seeing so much of the country, and now, since Sarah Palin has suggested that some places are more pro-American than others, I’m looking to see if I can tell whether the Pro-Americanness is going up or down.

I really can’t, but I did have this thought.

It appears as though America has a Heartland. We even passed a car dealership billboard not too long ago that said: “Welcome to the Heartland.” Strong evidence.

To be honest, I kind of resent the implication that where I live is not a heartland too. But hey, in the spirit of patriotic sacrifice, I’m willing to live with it. If there has to be a Heartland and I can’t live in it, though, then I want where I live to have a good patriotic American name so everyone can know the good, wholesome things we contribute to this great land.

I suggest we call all the non-Heartland areas America’s Brainland.

It occurs to me that some people who aren’t in the Brainland might feel a little insulted by this, and I just want to say that it’s not my intention to be hurtful. If you feel that way, maybe take a second to consider how we felt when you named your area without checking with us.

I’d be happy to can the Brainland idea if the Heartland thing can go, too.

We’ve gone about 50 miles since I started writing this, and looking out at the Iowan cornfields, I just can’t tell whether we’re closer to or further from the real America.

Tomorrow night we play the Double Door in Chicago. It’ll be red, white and blue no matter what.