Fellow local music blog Wiretap Music will be celebrating its one year anniversary this Saturday at Thee Parkside. The extensive and diverse lineup includes: Hey Three Eyes, The New Centuries, The Lovely Public, Pigeons or Panthers, Pope of Yes!, Pidgeon (whose newest album, Might as Well Go Eat Worms, came out September 23rd), Paranoids , Cotillion, Blank Tapes, and Bjornstad . An extremely diverse assortment of musicians performing one after another is the best way to applaud one year of local music.

As is evidenced in the following clip, the harder side of Pidgeon’s music blends tender melodies with a pounding rhythm section and driving guitars. But the new album also brings elements of indie pop as vocalist Val Iwamasa and the other four “screamers” experiment with styles that blend with their rhythmic variety. Check out this track from the new record:

[audio:http://www.absolutelykosher.com/musicfiles/02california(isforfuckers).mp3] Pidgeon – “California (is for Fuckers)”

Saturday’s all ages celebration costs only $10 and begins at 2 pm.