This week’s podcast episode spotlights San Francisco’s Loquat, a quintet who create catchy melodic indie pop with a mix of electronic and traditional rock sounds. In 2005, the band released It’s Yours To Keep, a full length debut that continues to win new fans with its seductively catchy songs. In the three years that the band’s been working on their next album, their live shows have continued to please crowds, including a set at the Bay Area Takeover that remains one of our South by Southwest highlights. Today, the wait for the band’s next CD is over, with the release of Secrets of the Sea on Talking House Records.

A lot of bands tend to overwhelm the listener with electronic layers and production tricks, but Loquat’s sound manages to feel simultaneously full and slinky. There’s sophisticated songwriting at work here, but the well-placed synth sounds and funky low end make it super danceable as well. Add to that Kylee Swenson’s strong vocals and moving personal lyrics, and you’ve got an album that should appeal to fans of indie pop and synth-rock alike. It’s also an exciting next step for this very talented Bay Area band.

We sat down with members of Loquat a few months ago, discussing the long creative process behind the new album and the band’s plans now that it’s out. We’re pleased to include four songs from Secrets of the Sea along with excerpts of that conversation.

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, November 8th
Bottom of the Hill
with The Frail and Mist and Mast
10pm, $12, all ages (Purchase tickets here)


– Visit Loquat’s MySpace page and web site

– Check out the band’s video for “Harder Hit”

– Purchase Secrets of the Sea from Talking House Records and iTunes

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