This week’s podcast features Berkeley quartet Winter’s Fall, a band that deftly mixes indie atmospherics with driving country-rock to create a unique, exciting sound. When we received the group’s self-titled album earlier this summer, we were quite simply blown away. It’s an astonishingly fully-realized work, especially considering that it’s the band’s first full length release. Lead singer/songwriter Peter Stanley’s voice feels like the perfect conduit for his heartfelt lyrical imagery, and both blend well with the group’s layered, engaging songwriting.

The band includes a mix of longtime friends and family, which might explain how effortlessly they found a sound after forming in late 2006. 2007’s Muddy and White EP featured strong songwriting filtered through a lo-fi production aesthetic. For their self-titled release, however, the band recorded most of the album live, capturing a big sound that makes the most of their dynamic shifts. Throw in some horns and a whole lot of synthesizers, as the band does, and it adds up to a high-quality listening experience.

We sat down with the band a few weeks back in our studio, discussing their lyrical and musical inspirations, and their continually evolving sound. We’re pleased to include four songs from Winter’s Fall alongside excerpts of our conversation.

Upcoming Shows:

Thursday, October 16th
Gale’s Central Club (Petaluma)
9pm, $tba

Sunday, October 19th
Live on 87.9fm, Pirate Cat Radio


– Visit Winter’s Fall’s MySpace page and web site

– Purchase Winter’s Fall and the Muddy and White EP from CDBaby and iTunes

– Check out our review of Winter’s Fall

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