Today marks the first time The Bay Bridged has ever attempted to live blog and we are thrilled to test our new found skills at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Editors Emily and Christian will be on the island from start to finish to bring you the most current and up-to-date coverage of the festival as it happens. Want to know something that we haven’t covered? Got a question you want answered? Ask us in the comments section and we’ll see if we can’t help you out!

In conjunction with this event, The Bay Bridged can now be found on Twitter! Follow the festival coverage this weekend and all other Bay Bridged related coverage in the future when you subscribe!

And now…onto the live blogging!

12:04 (EL) We have arrived! It’s a tad gloomy here on Treasure Island, but we’re excited for the music to get started. Best quote so far from someone on the way here: “it’s like the America’s Top Model bus!”

12:30 (EL) SF’s The Frail has just started! The crowd is still thin, but they’re getting people to swarm over with their indie/electro sound. They just released their debut ep Count on This on Tricycle Records.

12:55 (EL) Loquat has just taken the stage! This great indie pop band is from the Western Addition of SF. The sound is fantastic and Kylee Swenson’s vocals come through fantastically over minimal instrumentation.

1:01 (CC) After some mild technical difficulties we’ve got this thing rolling! Interesting to note this year is the lack of a massive tv screen behind the bands on the front stage. This is a welcome change as it was a bit distracting last year.

1:17 (EL) Chester French from Cambridge started with a bang – amazing drum solo! Then straight into the über-catchy pop from these Harvard grads.

1:23 (EL) Isabella (SF) and Lauren (Oak) are at TI for the first time and are excited for CSS and Hot Chip! Their fav local bands are Built for the Sea, Chow Nasty and Room for a Ghost.

1:46 (EL) The amazing Aesop Rock has just taken the stage. Now in SF, Aesop began in NYC and blew us all away with his latest None Shall Pass.

2:05pm (CC) Stealing a quick moment away from Aesop Rock’s incredible set to post some photos. We’re rocking out to tunes from a good part of his discography, including tracks from both Labor Days and None Shall Pass.

2:16 (EL) Aesop is taking a seat while DJ big whiz works the turntables and builds a super complex beat from scratch. Aesop: “y’all can consider that our guitar solo.”

2:34 (EL) Nortec Collective just came up – a great trad/electro group from Tijana. So far more on the trad Mexican music side, with accordion and trumpets prominent.

3:02 (EL) Antibalas from Brooklyn is up. They are credited with bringing African rhythms to the Brooklyn music scene. With a dozen members, they are taking up the entire stage!

3:31 (CC) Although a different sound from what we’ve been hearing this far, the crowd is super into the vibe dancing amongst the 15 mph winds. Also anti McCain and Palin talk is keepng the majority of the crowd smiling.

3:44pm (CC). They have a great recycling program where you can turn in your recyclables for points redeemable for things like VitaminWater, festival shwag, and even a pair of Noise Pop 2009 badges (although that’s 550 bottles you have to recycle). Below are two autographed program also being given away.

4:17 pm (CC). Foals just ended their set with Hot Chip now about to take their stage. With only a minor sound issue during the Foals set the festival has been running incredibly smooth with the crowds only getting larger.

5:21 (EL) Hot Chip was clearly the crowd favorite so far, so Amon Tobin (playing now) has a hard act to follow. So far it sounds great, with his characteristically dark techno permeating the island.

5:35pm (CC) Amon Tobin spinning…

5:40pm (CC) Big lines over at incase for free scarfs that they screenprint right in front of you. Festival-goers are spending up to an hour on line to grab one of these hot ticket items.

5:52 (EL) Goldfrapp has begun! This UK band recently released an album called Seventh Tree. They started with a bang, with Alison Goldfrapp singing some serious falsettos.

6:46 (EL) Mike Relm, a fantastic local DJ and our own “master of mashups” has taken the stage. He has recently toured with the Blue Man Group and is also well known for his video mashups.

6:52 (CC) Lots of monsters dancing to Mike Relm.

7:18 (CC) As Mike Relm’s set comes to a close I can safely say this was one of the best performances we’ve seen so far today. His new album releases Tuesday and I’ll be one of the first in line to pick it up. You should too.

7:28 (EL) TV on the Radio is up. Their last album was two years ago, but the crowd is still excited to see them. They have a new project out Sept. 23. At this point, we are enjoying the amazing post-sunset view!

8:41 (EL) CSS, Brazil’s biggest band, has just started and the crowd is huge! This place is packed and the whole place is moving. No one can say CSS lacks energy.

8:52 (CC) Crowds are slowly gathering at the bridge stage awaiting Justice. Right now there are two stacks of 9 Marshall amps flanking their DJ station complete with light up cross. Temperature is somewhere in the ‘my hands are numb’ degrees.

9:15 (CC) Justice begins…

9:51 (EL) Headed home after a long but amazing day! Justice ruled the crowd and was the perfect dancing end to the day. Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow.