This week’s podcast spotlights The Mommyheads, a quartet that left an indelible mark on indie pop music during their eight years as one of San Francisco’s best bands, from 1990 to 1997. During that time the group released several acclaimed records–including 1995’s Bingham’s Hole, which some consider one of the decade’s best albums–before calling it quits in the aftermath of major label difficulties that hampered their final self-titled release. After eleven years apart pursuing solo projects and other endeavors, bandmates Adam Elk, Dan Fisherman, Michael Holt and Jeff Palmer reunited earlier this year to record You’re Not a Dream, a collection of unreleased songs written during the band’s heyday, but fleshed out with updated arrangements and production.

While their name might not be as familiar as other beloved 90s cult acts, The Mommyheads’ influence is readily apparent in the music of bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and it’s easy now to see that their eclectic lyrical mix of power pop with a touch of funk was very much ahead of its time. The group’s legacy aside, though, You’re Not a Dream is a remarkable return after eleven years off, and a terrific collection of songs in its own right. Given the excitement that The Mommyheads’ reunion is generating among longtime fans, one hopes that the new record is just the beginning of the next chapter for this remarkable band.

We sat down with The Mommyheads a few days before the first show of their reunion tour in San Francisco, discussing the group’s history, the San Francisco music scene in the ’90s, and the lost tapes that inspired the new album. We’re pleased to include four songs from You’re Not a Dream along with excerpts of that conversation.


– Visit The Mommyheads’ MySpace page and a fan site

– Purchase You’re Not a Dream from Bladen County Records, eMusic, and iTunes

– Check out our photos from The Mommyheads’ first reunion show in San Francisco

Above photo courtesy of Charlie Homo.

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