Silian Rail, the two-piece from San Francisco who play rich instrumental music with just guitar and drums, have an incredible new album out called And I You, To Pieces.

The new album shows off Robin and Eric’s clear musical connection with delicate precision. Each song has a distinct mood, created with the simplest of instrumentation but the most complex harmonic care.

Check out a couple of songs from the new album right here:

[audio:] Silian Rail – “Tituba” from And I You, To Pieces

The second one is after the jump!

[audio: somebody else.mp3] Silian Rail – “I is Somebody Else” from And I You, To Pieces

Silian Rail will appear on KZSU‘s Wednesday Night Live (90.1 FM) this week, Sept. 17 at 9pm. They will also play as a part of the MadCat Women’s Film Festival at El Rio on Sept. 23 at 8:30pm.