This week’s podcast features Bart Davenport, a Berkeley native whose lengthy music career has spanned R&B, garage rock, and electronic pop with The Loved Ones, The Kinetics, Persephone’s Bees and Honeycut, as well as several well-received albums as a solo singer-songwriter. After years of successful touring with Honeycut, Bart now returns to the solo artist world with Palaces, out today on Antenna Farm Records. Full of compelling catchy melodies and great pop songwriting, Palaces is definitely one of the best records we’ve heard this year.

Initially planned as collaborative effort with local producer and songwriter Kelley Stoltz, Davenport found himself taking over the reigns when scheduling conflicts directed Stoltz elsewhere with only a handful of songs completed. Perhaps as a result, the album draws from across the talented performer’s broad spectrum of musical tastes, with songs ranging from folksy to funky and melancholic to upbeat. And while Stoltz, the guys from Honeycut, and others appear on the album, it’s clearly Bart’s show as he manages to channel his love of classic R&B and pop into a thoroughly modern affair.

We spoke with Bart a few weeks back for a fascinating discussion of tour stories, evolving musical influences and more. We’re also excited to include four songs from Palaces in the episode and you should be sure to catch Bart live at his CD release show later this month, or on his upcoming national tour.

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– Visit Bart Davenport’s MySpace page

– Purchase Palaces and Bart’s other albums on iTunes, Emusic, and from Antenna Farm Records

– Check out the video for “A Young One” on Youtube

– Listen to our podcast episode profiling Davenport’s band Honeycut.

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