Wednesday at Cafe du Nord, The Aimless Never Miss will celebrate the release of their new album Eponomous.

They will be joined by the fantastic Harbours and new kids All Smiles, a project based in Portland with some familiar names to indie fans. Most notably, Jim Fairchild of Grandaddy fronts the project, which is also comprised of Solon Bixler of Great Northern, Nik Freitas of Mystic Valley Band, Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse and Black Heart Procession and Mike Cresswell. The sound is definitely reminiscent of classic Grandaddy, and worth checking out before they release their album and get huge. You can preview two of their songs on their MySpace page.

The Aimless Never Miss, whose live show was enthusiastically reviewed by our own Will this summer, brings us an album filled with everything we love about Aimless – raw and high vocals, shared guitar and piano harmonic duties and the occasional wall-of-sound chorus.

[audio:] The Aimless Never Miss – “The Bright Side”

You can buy their new album via their MySpace page. The show starts at 9pm and costs $10.